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Mariana Banu BTAA BAUK

I grew up in Romania, later moved to Spain and finally settled in the U.K over ten years ago.

After the birth of my first child I stayed at home solely looking after my family. Several months after the birth of my second child, I was inspired to find a new career by the stress filled start to my daughter's life of my own ability to recover from my c-section.

C-section's are so commonly dispensed these days it is easy to forget that this procedure is a serious abdominal surgery. My personal recovery was extremely challenging, I was in intense pain along my wound. The scar took an extended length of time to heal, as is the case with many women. This pain coupled with the psychological pain of being unable to breastfeed due to the immense discomfort across my body lead me to deep sadness when I should have been rejoicing in the birth of my beautiful baby girl.

Moreover my daughter also suffered not only from the trauma caused by the c-section itself which is sadly overlooked in western medicine, but also from a mother who’s troubled with pain and anxiety. Looking back I wish the support from my NHS health clinic or Breastfeeding Clinic could have been of a much improved standard, although I appreciate they provided the best service they could. The lack of the required support is what drove me to search for alternative therapies that could help my recovery. After extensive research I discovered Bowen.

I knew this was my calling and couldn't wait to get started. After several years of study and intensive training, I became a Professional Qualified Bowen Practitioner. I could not be more proud of this wonderful journey. The only thing left was start sharing this gentle and effective technique with other mothers with similar experiences as myself. Not only mothers and babies but the whole of my community has the potential of benefiting from Bowen technique.

Not only Mothers and Babies but the whole of my community has the potential of benefiting from Bowen techniques!

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